PCO Practice

Broadway Salute

Century High School map Hillsboro, OR - 29, 30 June 2018

Again, to download (or Save Link As), you must invoke the context menu, on the link immediately following the bullet in the list below, usually by right-click, two-finger click, Option-click, control-click, or other method depending on your platform.  If you simply click on the link, it is likely the song will play through your browser.

Portland Choir (& Orchestra) members please download these to your favorite handheld device and play them in your car at least while traveling to rehearsal, and hopefully more frequently.  Downloadable recordings of pieces we have performed are ours, but please also listen to the alternate YouTube version for comparison.

Rehearsal Recordings stay tuned...

Prior Performances now in concert order, no memorization... you will be holding music the entire performance. YouTube links above and playlist are provided for reference and convenience.

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